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Product Design Assistance

Product Design Assistance


Mauston Tool's in-house design team provides complete product design assistance.


Our well-developed procedure involves gathering input early on from a diverse design team. 

Mold Building and Specialized Machining
All Molds Designed and Engineered In-House

All Molds are Designed and Engineered In-House


-SolidWorks, MasterCam, and PowerMill

-Experienced mold design staff with attention to detail

           -Reduce cycle times

           -Repeatable performance

-Proactive customer collaboration

-Scientific mold design      

-10 yr tool data retention

Mold Building and Specialized Machining

Wire EDM
In-house Polishing
Sinker EDM
High Speed Milling
CNC Milling with Robotics
Mold Sampling

Mold Sampling

Mechanical mold sample

Part Sample

Our customers are provided with process parameters

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