Plastic Injection Molds
Automotive, Medical, Consumer, and Electronics

Mauston Tool is a leader in the plastic injection mold industry

Multi-cavity and multi-mold projects are consistently produced with accuracy and precision

Our customer return is unmatched because we provide a comprehensive mold building package with excellent customer service

Specializing in Tight Tolerance Injection Molds

Multi-cavity molds

Up to 400 ton press

Complete interchangeability of cavities

Production Molds


Prototype Molds

Auto-Unscrew Molds


Multi-Shot Molds

Shuttle Molds 

Hot Runner


Insert Molds



LSR Molds

Prototype Mold Base


In-House Prototype Base

Insert blocks in stock

We manufacture your inserts to fit our prototype base

      -Quick turnaround - 15 days

      -Including small to medium production runs